About Us

The Organization Resource Group (ORG) is the central campus resource for student organizations. From starting a new group to managing a well established one, we’re here to help students who want to get involved!

Mission Statement

“The Organization Resource Group (ORG) is a viewpoint-neutral group of students dedicated to ushering student organizations through the recognition process, educating student leaders about University policies and resources, consulting with organizations on how to meet their goals, and providing financial assistance though the Student Activity Fee for student organizations.”

ORG Structure

In addition to the ORG staff and the resources our office provides, we work closely with two University committees that make decisions on new group recognition and funding requests.


While ORG accepts and processes budget requests from student organizations, our staff does not make the funding decisions. Funds for student organizations are distributed by the Student Organization Allocation Committee (SOAC).  SOAC is a group of student volunteers who meet several times each year to review and evaluate submitted budgets.  ORG acts as a liaison between SOAC and student groups.


Students who want to start a new organization submit an application to ORG, but recognition decisions are made by the Committee on Student Organizations, Governments and Activities (SOGA). They recommend approval or denial of University recognition for all prospective student organizations.  SOGA meets approximately once a month during the academic year to consider new organization applications. All final decisions are made by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.


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