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The ORG Chair is responsible for creating the Student Activity Fee budget designated for student organizations. She serves by training organization officers, representing the interests of student organizations to University administrators, and managing the travel and general expense budget processes.

Phyleia Battle

Phyleia is a Senior majoring in Finance and Real Estate.

Vice Chair of Finance

The Vice Chair of Finance is the primary point of contact between ORG and SOAC. He also manages the honorarium budget process for student organizations.

Cameron Elbert

Cameron is a Junior majoring in Business.

Vice Chair of Administration

The Vice Chair of Administration meets with students who are interested in starting new organizations, and assists in the recognition process. He is the primary point of contact between ORG and SOGA.

Ethan May

Ethan is a Junior majoring in Journalism.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator oversees emails and office communications, publish OrgSync updates, and manage ORG’s website and Twitter.

Mackenzie Thomas

Mackenzie is a Junior majoring in Journalism.

Office Manager

The Office Manager controls all ORG office and storage spaces, as well as organization mailboxes.

Nicole Rivera

Nicole is a Junior majoring in Journalism.

Graduate Assistant

The ORG graduate assistant helps in many different activities, however their primary focus is assisting groups with fundraising and group events.

Ryan Rhodes

Ryan is studying Education, Leadership, and Policy Analysis.

Coordinator of Student Organizations

Kenna Cornelius

Support Staff

Kristina Estes & Michael Pavich