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Financial Resources

While it is primarily the student leaders’ responsibility to fill out ORG budgets to request funding and secure proper authorization for¬†fundraising, it is helpful if advisors are able to act as guides to help navigate the process. Below, you will find a brief overview of the funding and fundraising policies. You can find a full description of the ORG finance policies in the Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations.

Who approves ORG funding?

The Student Organization Allocation Committee (SOAC) is a viewpoint neutral student group responsible for the allocation of funds to recognized student organizations. This committee is comprised of 10 students who are enrolled at the University of Missouri, with partial representation from the Missouri Students Association (MSA) and the Graduate Professional Council (GPC).

ORG Funding Categories

Travel Funding

Travel Funding

Travel Funding covers cost for events, conferences or competitions that directly relate to a student organization.

Travel funding can be applied to:

  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Registration

Travel Funding Policies:

  • Organizations may only receive up to $2000 per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30)
  • Funding will not be allocated to non-MU students
  • Only one form of travel will be funded, this means only travel to and from the location. Travel funds cannot be used to cover metro cards, taxi fare or parking fees.
  • Travel fund allocation will be based on a maximum of 4 people in attendance
Event Services Funding

Event Services Funding

Event Services Funding can cover funding to bring guest speaker, artists, and/ performers to campus; services such as rentals, technology, interpreters, etc.; and experiential education opportunities like Venture Out.

If requesting funds for Venture Out services, organizations must provide:

  • Name of Workshop they want to attend,
  • Names and Student ID numbers for participants,
  • Explanation of why this activity will benefit the organization.

More “Event Services” information can be found in the Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations.

General Expense Funding

General Expense Funding

General Expenses Funding covers operating costs to student organizations, this can include: copies, advertising, on-campus equipment rental and reusable supplies for the organization.

  • Things not covered by General Expenses include: dues to national organizations, personalized items (name tags, business cards, apparel, ), food and anything that could be used in a fundraiser.


Fundraising is any income-producing activity, whether or not you make a profit. It can be a great option to provide funding for your student organization.

Fundraising Guidelines:

  • Organizations must submit a Fundraising Request Form 2 weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of space reservation.
  • Fundraisers must abide by all M-Book and Organization Resource Group Policies.