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Event Planning

The following regulations apply to events held on University property and other locations reserved or controlled by a student organization.


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Events held on campus may reflect the University of Missouri, and therefore should be appropriate for a public institution of higher education. It is our expectation that student organizations and/or sponsoring departments follow all applicable laws and University regulations.


It is the responsibility of the host organization to bear any of the related costs for the event including, but not limited to:

  • Additional housekeeping
  • Additional materials or equipment
  • Damages
  • Facility rental
  • Grounds services such as additional trash receptacles and pickup, repairs, etc.
  • Security
  • Utilities


All events hosted on or within University premises may require MUPD coverage. MUPD will make the final determination on whether or not officers are required to secure your event. If you think extra security may be necessary, you should contact MUPD well in advance to begin the planning process. For more information regarding MUPD Security please visit the MUPD website.

A few notes to keep in mind:

  • If security is required, you must use MUPD–organizations cannot contract with outside security providers.
  • Plan ahead! MUPD requires a minimum of 10 business days to process requests.
  • MUPD will not be available on home football or basketball game days; keep this in mind when scheduling your events.


The University of Missouri is a “dry campus.” Therefore, the use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on University property. However, the sale, use, or possession of alcohol might be approved by the University in the following limited circumstances:

  • Events in the University Alumni Centers, Faculty Clubs or other designated facilities.
  • Single events and reoccurring similar events in designated conference, meeting or dining facilities provided by University food services.

Please note that the use of alcohol is subject to legal requirements. For more information, refer to University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 110.050 (Alcoholic Beverages).

Other Event Regulations

  • Noise that interferes with other University activities (such as classes) is prohibited.
  • If the event is held in a location where restroom facilities are not available, the sponsoring organization is responsible for providing such facilities.
  • The total number of individuals participating in a function held in any University building must not exceed the designated capacity of the facility.
  • Any and all facility specific regulations must be followed.
  • If more than $500 of University funds is used to pay for a band and/or other type of performer or service, a University contract must be completed.


Campus Activities has compiled a list of event planning resources for student organizations and other entities to take advantage of; we have included some excerpts here. Please visit for full details.


ORG has some equipment available to check out.

Many common equipment requests can be filled by the Unions, including LCD projectors; however, you should remember that projectors are available in most classrooms for free. For a list of Union equipment rental fees, visit their website.

Technical Event Services

Technical Event Services is available at a reduced rate to assist student organizations in events that involve major production requirements.  If you are setting up a stage, using elaborate lighting, using sound equipment, etc., let Technical Event Services assist with your on or off campus event.

Room Reservations

Student organizations are eligible to reserve space on campus, often free of charge.

Missouri Student Unions Space

Rooms and spaces in Memorial Union and the MU Student Center are owned and operated by the Missouri Student Unions. Almost all of these rooms are available to student organizations for free. To reserve a space here, you must create a login in the Unions system, and submit your room requests there. You must be listed as the President or Vice President of your group on Engage to make a room reservation. See their website for more information.

Please note that all of these rooms come in a “pre-set” configuration. Chairs, tables, etc. will already be arranged, and if you make any changes to the setup you will be charged a reset fee. Other equipment you may need in the rooms is also available from the Unions at an additional cost.


Most other buildings on campus can be reserved by student organizations outside of class hours, also at no charge. Those requests are made through an online database that updates available spaces in real time. Visit 25Live to get started.

Street Closures

If your organization’s event or fundraiser takes up space on city or campus roads—usually for a 5K or walk/run—you will need to complete a Street Closure Request Form online.

All street closure requests must now be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the date of the event. If your organization is planning any event that will require a street closure, we urge you to begin the process as soon as possible to accommodate unexpected delays, as the city will not accept your proposal if it is beyond the deadline.

To begin the street closure process, please complete the online Street Closure Request Form. Once the form is submitted, it will be reviewed by various campus partners including the Office of Student Organizations, MUPD,  MU Business Services, and the City of Columbia.

Things to keep in mind:

  • MUPD will not approve street closures on the days of home football games, so check that schedule before setting a date for your event.
  • Only one street closure will be approved for a particular date.  Saturdays in the spring time fill up VERY quickly, so begin the process early to ensure you obtain your reservation.
  • If your closure is for a fundraiser on campus, you must submit a fundraising request form.
  • When an event requires a hard closing, your organization must fill out both the ORG form and the city form. This process will take in excess of 8 weeks because your form will be sent to a subcommittee of the city council and then approved by the city council at a regular business meeting.