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Fundraising is any income-producing activity, whether or not you make a profit. It can be a great option to provide funding for your student organization. If you’re going to be doing it on campus, however, you must follow these guidelines.


All on-campus fundraising must be approved by the ORG office.  An officer from your group should submit the Event Planning Form no less than three weeks before you want to hold your fundraiser.

The following items should be avoided, as they will likely cause your fundraiser to be denied:

  • Selling something already available on campus
  • Selling bottled or prepackaged beverages—homemade drinks like lemonade or hot chocolate are acceptable
  • Raffles, bingo, or gambling
  • Activities that are dangerous or don’t represent the values of your group or the university

Additional information on fundraising policies can be found in the Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations.  If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Outside Approvals

A few things will require additional approval from other campus departments.  The two most common are:

  • Bake sales (or anything else involving food)—any time you’re serving food on campus, you must contact the University Sanitarian for a food permit. Open flames (like for a BBQ) require additional approval.
  • Using Trademarked Material—if you want to print the University name, logo, or any trademarked images on something you’re selling, you need to obtain approval from the Licensing & Trademarks Office.