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Advisor Resources

General Information

Advisors are an integral part of every student organization as they provide organizations with an additional resource intended to support them. Often times, Advisors are unsure about the requirements to be an advisor, the time commitment, or the duties required. It is also common for advisors to have questions about policies, guidelines, and regulations related to student organizations. This page is designed to address some of those questions, or at least set you in the right direction.

Who can be an Advisor?

Any .75 FTE University of Missouri-Columbia faculty or staff member can be an organization advisor. If you are unsure of about FTE eligibility, the Organization Resource Group uses the benchmark of benefit eligibility to determine if a faculty or staff member could be an advisor.

If you are interested in serving as an advisor, please fill out the form. The Organization Resource Group will use the information collected to help align perspective advisors and potential student organizations with similar interests and needs.

Advisor Responsibilities

In order to maintain recognition, recognized student organizations must complete requirements set forth by the Office of Student Organizations and the Organization Resource Group each academic year. The two current annual requirements are Registration and Annual Training.  Advisors play a critical role in helping student organizations satisfy these requirements. In addition to annual requirements, student organization advisors also have a responsibility in counseling the student organization they serve. This responsibility can vary depending on the student organization the advisor serves. We have outlined some advisement opportunities below. The Organization Resource Group suggests that all advisors have a discussion with the student organization’s leadership to discuss the role and expectations of the advisor.

1. Help organizations maintain recognition with the University
2. Annual Training
3. Campus Security Authority Training
4. Advise

If you have any questions about your role as an advisor, please do not hesitate to contact the Organization Resource Group, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Contact us.