Student Organizations

The Organization Resource Group (ORG) is a viewpoint-neutral group of students dedicated to ushering student organizations through the recognition process, educating student leaders about university policies and resources, consulting with organizations on how to meet their goals, and providing financial assistance through the Student Activity Fee for student organizations.

Start an Organization

Haven’t found an organization that matches your interests? Start a new group! Please be aware that this process is extensive and requires a substantial commitment from you. From start to finish it could take several weeks or even months to get a new group officially recognized. Learn more about starting an organization.

Manage your Organization

Recognized student organizations must abide by policies and procedures established by ORG and the university. To maintain official recognition, an organization’s officers must:

Learn more about managing your organization.

Planning events for your student organization? Use our Student Group Event Planning Guide to plan a successful event from start to finish.

Advisor Resources

Advisors are an integral part of every student organization as they provide organizations with an additional resource intended to support them. It is common for advisors to have questions about policies, guidelines, and regulations related to student organizations. Learn more about advisor resources.

Getting Involved with ORG

In addition to joining a student organization, there are several other involvement opportunities.

Serve on Committees

Both the Student Organization Allocation Committee (SOAC) and the Student Affairs Committee rely on student volunteers to review budgets and prospective student organizations. If you’re good with numbers and would like to be a SOAC committee member, contact ORG to see if positions are available. The student positions on the Student Affairs Committee are appointed by MSA. If you’re interested in serving, contact the President to express your interest.

Work For the Organization Resource Group

ORG does not currently have any positions open, but we may in the future. If managing student organizations sounds like something you’re interested in, please contact us. We’ll keep you in mind when a position becomes available!