Utilizing MU Engage

MU Engage 101

MU Engage is the hub for Tigers to find events, join groups and follow along with important touchpoints across campus. It’s a little bit of everything: a calendar, a personal assistant, an attendance tracker, a one-stop-shop to involvement, and so much more. Learn how to utilize this tool effectively with our easy guide.


Tigers can browse through all events on Engage and sort by what’s most important to them. Maybe they’re bored on a Tuesday and want to see fun campus activities happening that night, or they might be interested in what programs a department is planning throughout the entire semester.


  • Details: This is integral to a successful Engage event. Include the location, time/date, and a detailed description of the event, and helpful links if you have them. This helps prospective attendees better understand the event and why they should participate. Tip: include an accessibility statement to let everyone to engage fully.
    • Sample accessibility statement: The University of Missouri strives for all events to be inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, to engage fully. If you require a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this event, please contact [Student Organization Name] at [contact information] by [deadline].
  • Images: An event photo should always be included so it will display properly across the platform. They will be displayed in the upcoming events slideshow on the homepage, on the right side of the events page, and in the mobile app.
  • Event tags: These create different categories and allow students to filter events by those tags. Multiple event tags can be used. For example, if you’re hosting a resume workshop for graduate students, you might tag it as “Professional Development” and “Graduate/Professional.” Your group or department can submit event tags for review here.
  • Exclusivity: Mizzou Users – currently enrolled students and faculty/staff – are the only groups who can register for MU Engage events. However, you do have options when setting up who you want to attend your event in the “where” section. There are two options:
    • Everyone: this event will be visible to everyone who visits the site, even if they haven’t logged in. They’ll still need to log in to register.
    • University of Missouri MU Engage users only: this event will only be visible to enrolled students and faculty/staff.


Groups are an umbrella term in MU Engage for any organization or department at Mizzou. Students can filter by group to show all the events hosted by that group.


  • Group administrators can access Dashboard and go to settings to control your group’s various settings.
    • Basic Information: this includes your group name, type, categories, logo, membership benefits, and more. Your group’s contact information, such as an email or website, can be added here.
    • Access & Privacy: this includes signup instructions, email restrictions, viewing other members, and more.
    • Membership: this includes membership privacy, expiration notification settings, and more.

Tracking Attendance

Attendance data is collected and uploaded to your group’s account, allowing you to keep attendance records, control event access, boost users engagement, and monitor campus activity. View, monitor, analyze and access reports on your data at any time, and transform your computer or phone into a portable attendance tracking tool.


  • Manual tracking with a computer: check-in each attendee by looking up their name, or by using a card reader to check in each attendee.
  • Self Check-In QR Code: through your event, you can download and print your event’s QR code that attendees can scan as they enter your event. You can use the QR code flyer as it is, or incorporate the QR code into your own signage.
  • Downloading: Click “Download Attendees List” and select the fields you’d like to include in the report. This can include whether the attendees had RSVP’d ahead of time, if they’re a member of your group, etc.

Data and Reporting

This is one of the easiest ways to compare your events, measure effectiveness, and create more holistic reports about all your programs.


  • How to start: Click “Events” in your group’s account, and select the event you’d like to review.