Welcome Week

Watch First Roar

A Mizzou and American flag hot air balloon sit between the columns and Jesse Hall all lit up during Welcome Week 2018.Welcome Week is a series of events for new MU students that occur each fall the week before school starts. Large signature events anchor a fun schedule for students spanning the better part of each day and long into the night. Each day has smaller events ranging from dodgeball tournaments in the Rec and ping pong in the Student Center to swing dancing classes and barbeques. While there are dozens of social events designed to help students meet others, there also are academic and informational programs that orientate students to campus. More than 80 student organizations, academic units, and various departments put on more than 200 programs every year so there is something for everyone during Welcome Week.

Welcome Groups

At the core of Welcome Week are the Welcome Groups. Each group consists of 15-20 new students and are led by a Welcome Leader. The groups are primarily based on where a student is living. Each group will preview the day’s schedule and select what events they would like to attend as a group vs individually. Groups will attend various events together, including Citizenship @Mizzou, however the Welcome Week schedule can be navigated individually if a student prefers that method.

Fall 2020

COVID-19 presents unique challenges to the Welcome Week format. As such students can expect smaller activities and groups will likely find themselves with assigned times to certain programs in order to ensure social distancing. Students will learn the full extent of the impact when they meet with their Welcome Leader who will reach out shortly before the start of Welcome Week (Aug 17-23).

Every student starts their MU career by walking through the columns, but that is not the only thing to do during Welcome Week. Below are a few examples of the 2020 events and programs. Students can view a list of events (and past events) on MU Engage.

  • First Roar – A virtual massive pep rally welcoming all new tigers to campus. Watch it now.
  • Morning Runs/Biking – Are you a runner or biker? Join the running club and biking club for a short (or long) morning run. They’ll show you all the best routes.
  • Tiger Walk – Before they walked through the columns our students came from many places, but after they are a Missouri Tiger. This year students will go through the columns in their small Welcome Week Groups.
  • Citizenship@Mizzou – A requirement for all new students. Students living in the halls will complete their Part 1 sessions during Welcome Week and everyone else will complete theirs once school starts.
  • Renewal Kits Pick up – Stop by the bookstore to get your mask, hand sanitizer, and more.
  • Campus Tour – Get a tour of campus so you know where you’re going on the first Monday of classes. Click here to find the map.

Smaller events will take place throughout the week such as getting a mask making kit or free Shakespeare’s Pizza.