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There are many benefits associated with being a Recognized Student Organization, but there are also some responsibilities. All groups must abide by the following policies.


Recognized Student Organizations, student governments, fraternities and sororities all must abide by the University policies and procedures to ensure their organization remains recognized by the University of Missouri. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures might result in a variety of disciplinary actions ranging from formal warnings to suspension or loss of University recognition.


Officers of student organizations are required to attend trainings at least once each academic year to remain in good standing. If your group holds elections midway through the year, the new officers must attend as well. All trainings follow the academic year, and reset over the summer (so if you attended training during the spring semester, you’d need to go again in the fall for the new year).

Your President or Vice-President must attend Administrative Training, where they will learn more about resources available to student organizations and policies they must abide by. If your group plans to submit an ORG budget request, your Treasurer must attend Finance Training. We also offer OrgSync training sessions–these are not required, but we strongly encourage someone from your organization to come and learn about all the features this platform offers.

Dates and times for trainings are posted regularly on OrgSync. You can also find dates and times for the trainings under the “Important Dates” tab. Trainings are usually held in the evening – Administrative Training and Finance Training are offered consecutively. Trainings start promptly at the scheduled times; please ensure that you arrive on time. Doors will be closed after the first five minutes, and you will not be allowed in after that.

If trainings ever need to be cancelled because of severe weather, we will post the announcements on OrgSync and Twitter as soon as a decision has been made.


Students, faculty, and staff can log in to OrgSync using their PawPrint and password. Once logged in, they can view the Community Homepage and Calendar, as well as search for organizations. If you were already added as a member of an organization by someone else, that group will be listed under the Organizations tab at the top of the page.


For your organization to remain in good standing, your OrgSync profile must be updated at least once each year, and any time your officers change. Profiles reset every year on July 1st, and all information must be updated after that. Failure to update your profile will result in a registration hold.

How to Update Your OrgSync Profile

A person must be in the Administrator category on OrgSync to make changes. If a current officer/administrator wants to make a new officer an OrgSync Administrator so they can update group information, go to the organization’s page, click People, find the name of the new officer, click on them, and then find the “Groups” section near the bottom. Click Manage, and then toggle Administrator privileges on. ORG recommends that only trusted organization officers be given Administrator status. If you have trouble accessing or using OrgSync, please contact us.

Updating Organization Records on OrgSync:

  1. Navigate to your organization’s portal by clicking on its name under the Organizations tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Click the pencil icon that says “Manage Profile”, right under the Profile bar. (Note: If you cannot see this icon, you do not have administrator privileges. See above for information about how to gain administrator status.)
  4. You will now see your organization’s full profile. Click the green “Update and Renew Profile” button to make changes.
  5. Make any necessary changes to organization or officer information. To ensure that your updates are approved, please read all instructions carefully, and use MU email addresses for all officers.
  6. Click through each page, making updates as needed, until you reach the final page.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. An email will automatically be generated to your advisor at the email address you provide. He or she must approve the changes before they will be posted on your profile.
  9. The ORG office will also review the information and approve the changes after approval by your advisor. We check to ensure that you’ve submitted real names and phone numbers, so please make sure that your information is accurate. (If there are any problems, we’ll send you a message).

Once the ORG office approves your changes, they will post to your portal on OrgSync.

Any request to change information in a non-editable field, such as name or purpose statement, must be emailed to ORG.

Licensing and Trademarks

In order for the University to maintain and protect its brand, all University departments and recognized student organizations are required to obtain prior approval to use any of the marks or names of the University in any commercial or non-commercial venture, including giveaways, fundraising activities and internal use. Recognized student organizations are also required to purchase emblematic merchandise from officially licensed vendors (licensees) of the University. Please visit the Licensing and Trademarks website at for a list of licensees and licensed Columbia screen printers. Art approval forms, definitions for royalty waivers along with answers to many questions can be found on the site.

For more information contact MU Office of Licensing and Trademarks at 573-882-7256, or visit  If you are going to be selling any of those items on campus, remember to follow the fundraising rules.

Movie Policy

Student Organizations may not show/exhibit copyrighted materials (Movies, Music Videos etc.) on campus without first receiving the appropriate rights and permissions. Student Organizations may not show movies on campus until permission has been granted by the MSA/GPC Films committee. Once that is granted, you need to secure the rights to the film. A copy of the screening license must first be given to the Coordinator of Student Organizations a minimum of 1 week before the event is to occur.
Examples of screening protected works may include but are not limited to:

  • Showing a film in the lounge of your residence hall or Greek House
  • Showing a film as part of an organizational meeting or event
  • Having a Professor speak about the film does not exempt you
  • Public Display of copyrighted material.

If you have any questions about this policy or about movie licenses, please contact the Department of Student Activities (DSA) Films Committee or Kathy Murray, Director of Campus Activities.