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Start an Organization

We’re glad you’re interested in starting a new group! Please be aware that this process is extensive and requires a substantial commitment from you. From start to finish it could take several weeks or even months to get a new group officially recognized.

In the 2016-2017 Academic Year, the Organization Resource Group began using a new recognition process for prospective student organizations. Instead of rolling recognition, as has existed in the past, we are utilizing recognition periods. Below you will find an infographic demonstrating the process. The graphic is also hyperlinked with the forms mentioned.

Step One: Attend a New Student Organization Information Session

There will be four New Student Organization Information Sessions during each recognition cycle. There will be two cycles during the Fall Semester and one during the Spring. Individuals interested in starting a new student organization will be required to attend one of these sessions in order to progress through the recognition process.

Step Two: Submit a New Student Organization Application

On OrgSync (and hyperlinked in the graphic) is a form titled New Student Organization Application. This application will be open for two weeks during each recognition period.  When the application opens, you will submit the form, attaching all necessary documentation and materials. This form must then be approved by the prospective organization’s advisor by the application deadline.

Step Three: SOGA Makes Recommendation to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Your materials will be presented to SOGA, a standing committee on campus, by the ORG Vice-Chair of Administration. SOGA will look to ensure that a prospective organization does not too heavily overlap with other organizations, that there isn’t a large amount of risk associated with the organization, and that the group’s proposed constitution meets University standards. SOGA will then make a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Steps Four and Five: Complete OrgSync Portal and Annual Requirements

If you are approved by SOGA and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, you will work with the ORG Office to set up an OrgSync portal and begin work on your annual training requirements. These include annual administrative training (finance training as well, if your organization will seek ORG funds), and annual registration requests completed on OrgSync. If you are denied by SOGA, you will be contacted by the ORG Vice-Chair of Administration.

2017 – 2018 Recognition Periods

These are the dates the application will be open.
Applications open at 8 a.m. on the first date and close at 5 p.m. on the last date.

Period Date
I August 28, 2017 – September 8, 2017
II November 6, 2017 – November 17, 2017
III February 5, 2018 – February 16, 2018

Recognition Period Policy Questions

What if I don't complete my application before the deadline?
When can my organization apply for funding?
What if I do not have time to meet with ORG?
Why must I attend an information session?
What if our organization loses affiliation with our national organization?
What if my organization was previously recognized? Do I still need to attend an information session?
Once recognized, what must my organization do to maintain recognition?
What if my organization falls below the minimum of 10 members?
What if I want to start an organization that is similar to another organization?
What do I need to do during the review period?
What is the timeline for the recognition process?
Once my portal is created, how many days will I have to complete it?
May I make room reservations before my organization is recognized?
Why do I only have two weeks to submit required materials?
What if my application is not complete because we are waiting on information from Risk Management, Club Sports, Greek Life, etc.?
What if I cannot find an advisor prior to the recognition materials deadline?
What if the committee tables my request?
What do I need to do to be classified as a Club Sport, Greek Org, etc.
Is there a deadline for when my advisor needs to approve the application?
What does my organization’s constitution need to include?
What materials will my prospective organization be required to submit in the new student organization application?