Getting Involved with ORG

With more than 500 recognized student organizations, there are numerous opportunities to get involved! If you’re looking for a group to join, search for one you might like. In addition to joining a student organization, there are several other involvement opportunities.

Work For the Organization Resource Group

ORG does not currently have any positions open, but we may in the future. If managing student organizations sounds like something you’re interested in, please contact us. We’ll keep you in mind when a position becomes available!


While ORG accepts and processes budget requests from student organizations, our staff does not make the funding decisions. Funds for student organizations are distributed by the Student Organization Allocation Committee (SOAC), a group of student volunteers who meet several times each year to review and evaluate submitted budgets. ORG acts as a liaison between SOAC and student groups.

Students who want to start a new organization submit an application to ORG, but recognition decisions are made by the Student Affairs Committee. They recommend approval or denial of university recognition for all prospective student organizations. All final decisions are made by the Dean of Students.

Both SOAC and the Student Affairs Committee rely on student volunteers to review budgets and prospective student organizations. If you’re good with numbers and would like to be a SOAC committee member, contact ORG to see if positions are available. The student positions on the Student Affairs Committee are appointed by MSA. If you’re interested in serving, contact the MSA President to express your interest.