Whether you’re publicizing a specific event or just seeking new members, marketing your organization is crucial for success. The following resources may help you.

Engage Calendar

Engage features a Community Calendar, where some events can be shared with all users. If you’re having a large-scale event or one that is open to the whole campus, we can show it on the calendar. Simply create the event in Engage, and check the “Share on Student Organizations Calendar” box before you submit. We will review these requests, and if it meets the guidelines it will be shared with everyone!


If your organization is on Twitter, tweet your events @MizzouORG! We regularly look for events to feature and promote.


Banners can be a very effective way of advertising your organization and events. ORG provides 100 professional quality banners every year for student organizations—67 in the fall and 33 in the spring—on a first come, first served basis. The Student Design Center will work with you to create a professional, creative design.  We just ask that your banner is re-usable, not for a one-time event. Details on how to request a banner will be posted on Engage at the beginning of each semester.

General Expense Requests

If your group is eligible for ORG funding, you can use general expense funds to help market your organization. We offer funding for the following resources:

  • Maneater ads: Student Affairs Marketing & Communication will help you design a 3×5 advertisement that will appear in the Maneater student newspaper
  • MU Info: The MU Info announcement is emailed to all faculty, staff, and students each week.
  • Copies: Groups can apply for copy funding that can be used to create flyers, meeting agendas, etc.

Get Involved Fair

Find out more about the Organization Resource Group Get Involved Fair, formerly known as Fall Activities Mart.

Plasma Ads

For information on displaying advertisements on the plasma screens in the Student Unions, view their instruction document.

If you’re hosting a major event or your group wins a large competition,  you should consider sending a press release to the local media.  If they think it’s newsworthy, you might just get featured!

Some media outlets to consider: